Showing the world that clothing does not need to be physical to exist

Our work exists beyond the current concepts of catwalks, photographers, studios and sample sizes. For The Fabricant imagination is our only atelier, and our fashion stories are free from the constraints of the material world.



Digital Fashion Collection DEEP

We asked the question, can computers be creative? Can an algorithmic process of trial and error lead to creativity?


I.T Hong Kong Digital Retail Experience

It’s the first time a retailer of I.T’s scale and reach has favoured representing an entire collection solely in digital form, signalling an industry game changer away from product photography.


Soorty Digital Denim Line

Moving fashion storytelling into the 21st century. With the virtual world yet unexplored, we have the visual means that will set brands apart from the overused film and photo-shooting techniques. It will truly take fashion into the 21st century.


A digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing.

As a company of creative technologists we envision a future where fashion transcends the physical body, and our digital identities permeate daily life to become the new reality. The Fabricant will be a leader in the movement that uploads the human to the next level of existence. We are building a business that prepares for that eventuality.