The Primal Rave collection remixes elements of Dutch culture from the 17th century traditional dress to 90s gabber wear. Made for the secret forest rave you’ve been waiting for your whole life, this collection explores the transformative power of club culture as the backdrop for the house's innovative designs.

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Curtain Calling

$30 USD

Enter a world of desire, longing and infatuation. Intoxicate yourself with the beauty of these pleasures, but only to widen your perspective. Are you able to admire the beauty without losing yourself in it? Only then you are worthy of entering xthis holy space.. Shaking the bum and hips was used in ancient temples to awaken the pelvic floor and get the energy moving in your body.

Forbidden Fruit

$50 USD

Your core is shaking. Foundations are melting. When you accept your whole self, the ground will melt away under your feet first. If you let yourself melt, accept it fully, only then can you rise from the dark waters.


$70 USD

If, and only if we can accept ourselves fully, we realize that we are all the parts we played in the game. We shine bright like never before, embracing ourselves in all our fullness. We realize we are everything already anyway, and nothing at the same time. These are just layers of identity, which is not our true self. We cut away anything that is not true and shine our colors in that. We don’t need to eat anything to become something, because we are the fruit ourselves.

Hardcore Happiness

$70 USD

The party is about to begin. Can you feel the excitement, the nausea? Tonight is your invitation to break free of conventions and rediscover the forgotten parts of yourself.

Door Bitch

$50 USD

The piercing stare of judgement from the door bitch is in all of us, and should not be shunned. Embrace your intuition and see beyond the binaries of reality to see true nature.


$30 USD

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, even the parts you want to hide. Embrace your whole self and bring the darkness into light.

Free Collectibles

Pumps Boots

Sold out

Dance from dusk till dawn in these platform pumps, emblazoned with the iconic acid house smiley and sad face. Featuring neon detailing across the vamp and heel, lighting the way on even the darkest dance floors.

Limit of 5 mints per user

Lace Boots

Free to mint

Extended version of the pumps boots reaching knee high with fitted fluorescent backs and open front laced up. Neon detailing across the vamp and heel, lighting the way on the darkest dance floors.

Limit of 5 mints per user

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All holders of Primal Rave will have access to the AR filter of their Look.


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  • Bust wearing Acid Kaper
  • Modal avatar wearing Ecstasy
  • Modal avatar wearing a sheet like a ghost costume
  • Entry door to the metaverse with a vertical slats and a door knocker



7 pieces of bold digital facewear that elevate virtual self expression


Headpieces that mix historic Dutch style with a contemporary clubland aesthetic ready for co-creation


Couture garments that invite you to fearlessly express all that you are

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