3D Asset License Agreement

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    • By clicking to accept this agreement, The Fabricant grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide, time limited license to use the 3D Assets together with any Non-Fungible Token in your wallet to create derivative works.
    • The Fabricant licenses 3D Assets on an ‘as is’ basis. This means that 3D Assets have no guarantee, warranty or representation whatsoever including, without limitation, concerning their fitness for any purpose, their interoperability with any particular software program or platform, or concerning non-infringement of any intellectual property right of another person.
    • This license commences on the date you click to accept these terms and lasts for 12 months unless terminated earlier in accordance with this agreement.
    • The Fabricant may terminate this license on one month’s notice to you if another person makes a claim against The Fabricant that it has an intellectual property right which is infringed by the 3D Assets.
    • You may not use the 3D Assets in any way that is illegal or in any way that The Fabricant reasonably believes would be damaging to its business. If you do, The Fabricant may terminate this license with immediate effect.
    • Any claim for consequential and or indirect loss of any kind is excluded. You may not claim compensation for any such loss including, without limitation, for damages, costs, fees or expenses. The Fabricant’s total aggregate limit liability under, related to or connected with this license agreement for any kind of financial compensation however arising under any legal theory in any jurisdiction is €100 (one hundred euro).
    • This license agreement is governed by Dutch law.