The world’s first digital-only dress on the blockchain sells for $9500

The sale of the Fabricant-designed ‘Iridescence’ dress represents a landmark moment in digital-only couture. As a first-of-its-kind blockchain transaction, the unique garment is a traceable, tradeable and collectible piece of digital art that was auctioned via Portion.


Model - Johanna Jaskowska @johwska
Photographer - Julien Boudet @bleumode
Digital Fashion Design - Amber Jae Slooten @amberjaeslooten
Production - The Fabricant x DapperLabs @dapper_labs


Initially called ‘Techgnosis’ Amber Jae Slooten the Creative Director here at The Fabricant wrote the following text -

”A new cult is rising. The digital world is coming and we are no longer bound to physical space.

Our bodies are becoming fluid, our money decentralized, new powers are being formed. Slowly we are moving into a non-dual operating system. Intrinsic new patterns are being formed by systems that are closer to our nature by evolving rather than being controlled by a central power. This outfit provides a look into the future.

What can a body be when it is freed from physical restraints? What does identity mean when there are endless bits and bytes to express it? Connection is what we yearn for, and connection is what will rise now.

Our frequency is our energy in motion. It provides fluidity of movement, which is what forms this new line. We look for connection in technology. It is our new religion.”




The story of Iridescence had massive global impact through extensive coverage in media platforms across the world. Our pre-sale model, digital creative @johwska, did not touch the garment as it did not exist in the real life physical environment. Using digital clothing, the reach is bigger and the impact smaller.


We spoke with her a few months after digitally fitting her new garment, to see how she experienced being digitally dressed.

"I had to imagine what it would look like to wear the dress. There was a huge element of surprise that you wouldn't get with physical garments. It is like a green screen, you have to imagine what it will look like since the dress will be added in post production.

Of course this was the first of its kind, but I would love to be able to use the dress more often, and wear it wherever I like, not just limited to the pictures I got, but it should be something I can endlessly use over the pictures being taken so I can wear it in different situations.

In the future, it would help if digital clothing could be cheaper than physical clothing, so the element of pricing would be more attractive for people to purchase a digital item instead of a physical one.

It would be amazing to wear the outfit on TikTok to express yourself in these apps and have an extra special layer to use.

500 years ago we jumped on a ship to sail to the edge of the map, but all of the physical world has been discovered already. It is really exciting to discover a space that hasn't been explored yet, like the blockchain space, especially in combination with apparel."



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