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We invite you to explore the realm where echoes of the past intertwine with whispers of the future. The Master Peace collection will unfold in 4 drops throughout 2024 creating a full look destined for realms beyond the tangible.

The journey begins with the release of two Digital Sphere Hats which pave the way for the entire collection.

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GUILD carries a sense of legacy with visions of tomorrow. Turning invisible crowns into wondrous hats and uniting sartorial tailoring with effortless elegance. The brand's canvas extends beyond threads and fabrics.

GUILD is now entering the world of digital fashion on horseback, with its debut collection serving as a reminder that we don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.

Digital Collection

SPHERE: Warrior of Light

0.015 ETH

At the dawn of the awakening, a whispered prophecy unfolds the arrival of the Warrior of Light, celestial souls destined to illuminate the shadows. Born of stardust, their eyes reflect galaxies. An emblem of purity, the digital Sphere hat stands as a symbol for the souls to remember to step into their power and to pick up the crown of Light.

SPHERE: Contemporary Knight

0.04 ETH

Contemporary Knights stand as guardians in the digital realm. Their armour isn’t forged in steel but in resilience. Their weapons are wisdom, keyboards, and empathy; with every click, they build bridges of Unity. It is time for these noble souls to wield courage in the face of authority and to pick up their helmets that - as shields - reflect back all the energies sent towards them.

WIN a physical Sphere Hat

1. Mint your desired item from the Master Peace collection.

2. Wear your item using the AR filter.

3. Share your image or video on Instagram Stories OR Twitter and tag The Fabricant and Guild.


The Musketeers of our Time ⚔️ Fearless flaneurs and lovers of Life!

Creating hats & ethical, luxurious streetwear. One for All & All for One!

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