DEEP is a collaboration between the designer and the machine, in a synergetic relationship that creates new shapes and feelings, blurring materiality and immateriality, reality and imagination.

Where the computer ended, we continued.

DEEP was originally created in 2017 by feeding data from Paris Fashion Week images into the computer and reimagining its output into a 3D fashion collection. Fast forward 6 years and using the latest AI technologies, we have once more combined the power of humans and machines into the new DEEP/23 collection.

AR wearable



0.001 ETH

Style unknown, creativity redefined.


0.001 ETH

New models emerge from the primordial dataset.


0.001 ETH

Time to accelerate.


0.001 ETH

Hybrid intelligence, crossbreed creation.


0.001 ETH

Deep learn, deep curiosity.


0.001 ETH

A copy of a copy of copy creates something new.


0.001 ETH

Parallel processes infinitely expanding.

Wear in AR

All DEEP looks have access to a unique AR lens.

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