I.T Hong Kong and The Fabricant Create Luxury Retail Game Changer

Hong Kong-based luxury fashion retailer I.T (ithk.com) has embraced fashion’s digital future as part of the celebrations for its 30th anniversary. The brand commissioned digital fashion house The Fabricant to digitally recreate a collection designed exclusively to celebrate its three decades at the helm of fashion in China.


Digital Fashion for e-Commerce

It’s the first time a retailer of I.T’s scale and reach has favoured representing an entire collection solely in digital form, signalling an industry game changer away from product photography.

Stores That No Longer Display Real Clothing

I.T has also established pop-up boutiques that feature no physical apparel whatsoever, instead only displaying The Fabricant’s digital versions of the clothing, with orders taken via its app.

Interactive, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Implementing interactive players allow customers to inform themselves of the shoes and apparel from multiple angles on the web browser, smartphone equipped with AR players and through VR headsets.

Digital Shoes and Apparel as a Selling Point

Creative Director David James Reid quotes - “I.T has been at the forefront of China’s luxury goods sector since operations began in 1988. Our collaboration with The Fabricant was the result of I.T’s desire to push technological boundaries to benefit our clients’ user experience, and cement our position as innovators in retail. The Fabricant’s work on the ‘I.T Goes Digital’ campaign has resulted in stunning product imagery that perfectly captures the style and spirit of our anniversary collection, and presents it in a way that is absolutely true to I.T’s love of fashion."

Pop-Up Store Hong Kong October 2018

The garments, designed by labels including Marques Almeida, Helmut Lang and Alexander McQueen, will only ever be seen in digital form for pre-purchase viewing at I.T’s pop-up stores, both as a 60-second film created by The Fabricant showing the entire collection, and as individual 3D rendered still images.

(pictures from I.T Facebook page)

Digitisation: Moving On From 20th Century Product Photography

I.T’s championing of digitally created fashion imagery is a timely industry-leading step away from 20th century depictions of apparel, says Amber Jae Slooten, Creative Director, The Fabricant.

“Digitisation helps clients to promote and visualise ideas without wasting unnecessary resources. 3D visualisation gives a multitude of possibilities on lighting, materials and backgrounds. With the virtual world yet unexplored, we have the visual means that will set brands apart from the overused film and photo-shooting techniques. It will truly take fashion into the 21st century.”

3D Digital Fashion Print Imagery

An alternative to traditional photo- and video shoots. Next step in e-Commerce evolution.