Soorty Denim Chooses The Fabricant to Launch its Premium Sustainable Brand

Soorty, the sustainable denim mill that supplies global retailers such as Tommy Hilfiger and C&A, has chosen digital fashion house The Fabricant to create a film launching its Gold Standard, cradle to cradle compliant (C2C), denim product line.


Moving fashion storytelling into the 21st century

The C2C model demands that all components used to create a product are low on waste and environmental impact, and can be reused, repurposed or recycled at the end of its lifetime.

The Fabricant’s ability to showcase the look, texture and movement of apparel while only existing in the digital realm, perfectly aligns with Soorty’s mission of reducing fashion’s environmental impact via the use of sustainable practices.

The 60-second film created for Soorty by The Fabricant premiered at Kingpins, Amsterdam, the conference highlighting innovations in the global denim industry.

A design method that wastes nothing but data

Amber Jae Slooten, The Fabricant’s creative director, gives insight into the creative storytelling process involved in working with a C2C product and sustainability-focused brand like Soorty denim.

“Cradle to Cradle is a method that we believe is fair and necessary, and using digital design tools we were able to promote this method without wasting any material but data. What we are trying to tell is a story of fairness in combination with technology.”

Compelling content that goes beyond the boundaries of reality

Interpreting the client brief, The Fabricant created an abstract landscape that alludes to the sustainability concerns of the brand by using visual cues from the natural world, creating an appropriate environment for the digital recreation of the denim to exist. The backdrop also functions as a means to deliver powerful facts on the brand’s anti-waste credentials. 

For Slooten, the key to the concept was visually communicating the constant C2C cycle.

“We tried to visualise an endless looping process. Like the C2C process, the video is constantly repeating itself but constantly reinventing too. Because of the highly hypnotising content, the viewer keeps on seeing new details. The underlying message of the video was a constant loop that tied to the endless circle of life. 

Slooten continues: “To me, whenever I create any content, it has to tap into a certain feeling; people vaguely recognising it or experiencing a certain mood. Next to the emotional value, I am trying to visually tell a story with content that works graphically and color wise with each other.

“Digitisation helps clients to promote and visualise ideas without wasting unnecessary resources. 3D visualisation gives a multitude of possibilities on lighting, materials and backgrounds. With the virtual world yet unexplored, we have the visual means that will set brands apart from the overused film and photo-shooting techniques. It will truly take fashion into the 21st century.”

Digitisation of fashion contributes to sustainable practises. With every project we take on we make sure our client understands all the benefits this brings.