This is not a trial run. We’re way beyond proof-of-concept and beta testing. As of right now, the new digital reality is forming around us and your input is required. In this fashion revolution the role of creative director isn’t reserved for a single individual. That’s not how this world works. Technology has given us all the ability to influence how digital-only collections will look and feel. Brands will ask for input and inspiration. You will be muse, tastemaker, trend watcher, and label.

In the digital-only fashion world we all get to walk the runway and sit in the front row. Collaboration, co-creation and personalisation are the new normal. The chosen few are about to become the chosen many. Not even gravity can get in your way, the laws of physics don’t apply here. There will be connection. There will be community. Ideas will be exchanged and aesthetics debated. Prepare to curate your own personal look-book and give your imagination free rein, you’re about to express all of your selves.

Together we’ll create what doesn’t yet exist. Ateliers, window displays, walk-in wardrobes and exhibitions – all of them digital, never physical. There will be spaces to trade and spaces to parade. Fashion icons will thrive in every neighbourhood. The market will flourish as digital collectibles become digital vintage and digital classics. The new fashion economy is about to explode and we all have a stake. There is no guest list for this event. No need to wait on the wrong side of a velvet rope. Consider this your embossed invitation. We know we’ll see you there.