We all know how a fashion drop works, don’t we?

It’s a limited-edition collection, probably a collab with a big name designer, only a small quantity of product available, with an even smaller window of purchase opportunity. There’s a manufactured sense of urgency and exclusivity, pushing consumer demand. The price point is high. The only time to buy is now, now, now!

It’s a very smart sales strategy.

But how do you introduce product if, like the Fabricant, you’re a digital fashion house operating at the intersection of fashion and technology, creating clothing that is always digital, never physical?

Of course we can always follow the rules of drop culture and play by fashion’s established norms; just do what’s always been done. Or, we can recognise that we’re spearheading a new sector of digital-only fashion that has no history, no format and no existing template to follow. From this standpoint all things are possible.

The Fabricant already creates in a boundary-free space, beyond the structures of the physical realm. We operate in a world where waterfalls flow upwards. Where shoes fly and jackets dance – without the aid of a model. It’s instinctive to us that we should avoid limitations whenever possible.

That’s why, starting Monday 28th January 2019, we’re dropping the first in a series of digital-only fashion designs by The Fabricant . Except we’re calling it a ‘FFROP’, not a drop: a FREE FILE DROP. We’ll do one ffrop a month for the rest of the year.

The FFROP will be released under the following conditions:


            There will be no limit on product numbers.

            It will not be exclusive to certain users.

            There will be no time limit on its availability.

            The file is entirely free to download.

            We embrace open-source and sharing approach.


It’s important to The Fabricant that everyone can access what we do. We’re designing for our digital fashion future, not living by an outmoded model of behaviour that was created in previous centuries for a different mindset.

For The Fabricant, the digital-only fashion arena is a place of freedom, fantasy and self-expression. The fashion future we imagine is collaborative, creative and co-operative. Everyone should have the opportunity to realise their digital identity, or identities, in a way that they choose, expressing who they are, wish to be perceived, or want to become.

Your virtual self can be an extension of your actual physical self - or something completely different. It’s your choice.  The boundaries of the physical fashion world do not apply, or any of its rules about how to behave as an industry.

We’re at year zero on the digital-only fashion timeline. We have the opportunity to avoid the mistakes of the past and participate in a fashion future that’s creative and sustainable: expressing ourselves while wasting nothing but data, exploiting nothing but the power of our imagination. The Fabricant knows that what we do will only be one part of the story. It’s time to co-create the fashion world we’ve always dreamed of. Let’s take this first step together.

In the FFROP you’ll find: 

Exclusive design from the DEEP digital collection, by Amber Jae-Slooten, the Fabricant’s creative director. The collection represents the first fashion design collaboration between a human and a computer.

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