Inspirational Digital Fashion Events

Two weeks ago AMFI hosted an event with ATACAC ( the most progressive fashion brand in regards to digitization that I’m aware of. It was only open for a selected few students and professionals who are involved in digital fashion. Several digital designers from PVH (Owner Tommy Hilfiger, CK etc.) were present together with digital fashion graduates. That day more than 50% of Amsterdam’s digital fashion designers were present in one room. Hearing from the students it’s obvious that they have a real need for working digitally more than before. The educational institutions are not providing enough supply for the demand.

Part of the mission of The Fabricant is to combine talents from fashion and 3D industries. We will begin hosting inspirational evenings and workshops combining people from these industries in the last quarter of this year.


If you are interested in joining this please do get in touch via I will add you on the shortlist.