Fashion Meets Visual Effects

A fashion designer collaborating with the biggest visual effects company in the world? Canadian designer Steven Tai collaborated with ILMxLAB to produce an immersive fashion experience at London Fashion Week. Industrial Light and Magic aka ILM is best known for delivering the best visual effects in movies since the first Star Wars trilogy. Now with their LAB division they're apparently trying to break out of cinematic experiences to other fields. Previously we've seen Star Wars hologram experiences and now they're taking a crack at fashion. On Fashion Innovation Agency website there's a full article on the project itself.

This was announced a few months back. I was excited to see what the hype was all about. The experience was a combination of live-motion capture that was projected on a large format display behind the models. The screen combined virtual characters together with real models. Yet, the event stays exclusive to the audience that was present on the day itself. There is an opportunity there to make it accessible to the masses through the digital aspect.

This is something we are looking to tackle by creating a virtual fashion experience together with Amber Jae Slooten. The page is still locked but here you can see a few images that hint at what we're producing - FASTER FASHION