The Fabricant’s Creative Director Selected as Design Industry Thought Leader

Amber Jae Slooten, co-founder and creative director of digital fashion house The Fabricant, has been selected to be participate in De Toekomstbouwers (The Future Builders), a TV programme showcasing young design talents with ‘design visions that can change the future of humankind’.

The show will be broadcast throughout Dutch Design Week (20-28 October),

the largest design event in northern Europe. Slooten is one of only 8 designers selected from the thousands of exhibitors at the week-long event.

Slooten and The Fabricant’s innovative project, the DEEP Digital Fashion Collection, will be in its second iteration at Dutch Design Week, having toured throughout summer at fashion festivals across Europe. The collection represents the first fashion design collaboration between a human and a computer. The resulting hypnotising 3D animations of outfits were initially conceptualised by the computer after receiving imagery and data fed into it by Slooten.

The DEEP collection will be displayed throughout Dutch Design Week in collaboration with Modebelofte, at the old V&D building in the centre of Eindhoven.

Slooten will be featured on De Toekomstbouwers on Thursday 25 October 2018 at 23:00 on NPO 2.

Proof that clothes do not need to be physical to exist.

As a fashion designer creating purely for the digital space, Slooten aims to show consumers and viewers of De Toekomstbouwers that the future of fashion is digital, proving that clothes do not need to be physical to exist.

 In line with her work at The Fabricant, Slooten will encourage consumers towards a fashion future in which they fit virtual clothing on a 3D model of themselves. In doing so, she wants to prevent fashion being over-produced and unsold, which currently contributes to waste and excess stock destruction on a massive scale.

According to research collated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, with garments on average being worn much less and discarded faster than before.

Check more info on the DEEP collection HERE