The Fabricant’s Creative Director Selected as Design Industry Thought Leader

Amber Jae Slooten, co-founder and creative director of digital fashion house The Fabricant, has been selected to be participate in De Toekomstbouwers (The Future Builders), a TV programme showcasing young design talents with ‘design visions that can change the future of humankind’.

The show will be broadcast throughout Dutch Design Week (20-28 October),

the largest design event in northern Europe. Slooten is one of only 8 designers selected from the thousands of exhibitors at the week-long event.

Slooten and The Fabricant’s innovative project, the DEEP Digital Fashion Collection, will be in its second iteration at Dutch Design Week, having toured throughout summer at fashion festivals across Europe. The collection represents the first fashion design collaboration between a human and a computer. The resulting hypnotising 3D animations of outfits were initially conceptualised by the computer after receiving imagery and data fed into it by Slooten.

The DEEP collection will be displayed throughout Dutch Design Week in collaboration with Modebelofte, at the old V&D building in the centre of Eindhoven.

Slooten will be featured on De Toekomstbouwers on Thursday 25 October 2018 at 23:00 on NPO 2.

Proof that clothes do not need to be physical to exist.

As a fashion designer creating purely for the digital space, Slooten aims to show consumers and viewers of De Toekomstbouwers that the future of fashion is digital, proving that clothes do not need to be physical to exist.

 In line with her work at The Fabricant, Slooten will encourage consumers towards a fashion future in which they fit virtual clothing on a 3D model of themselves. In doing so, she wants to prevent fashion being over-produced and unsold, which currently contributes to waste and excess stock destruction on a massive scale.

According to research collated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, global clothing production has doubled in the past 15 years, with garments on average being worn much less and discarded faster than before.

Check more info on the DEEP collection HERE


Digital Fashion House

Defining the digital future of fashion further we have setup The Fabricant as a ‘Digital Fashion House’. We are defining a new space in the fashion industry to challenge traditions and conventions of this slightly fragmented industry. Technology is moving fast and our mission is to include fashion as part of this landslide shift towards digitisation. From design, to eComm to virtual fitting/sizing. Starting by designing digital fashion collections to live exclusively in the digital space with no intention of entering the physical.

We will be releasing more info on this the coming weeks and months.

Fashion Clash 2018

The weekend of 15-17 June 2018 we presented the first ever complete digital fashion collection designed by Amber Jae Slooten. Our exhibition was in an old retail space where we hung eight strips of plexiglass to create a screen 4m x 2.5m that allowed us to present the clothing in life-size.

The responses from international press, festival audience and general crowd walking by the store (that was situated in the middle of a mall) was overwhelming. The exhibition will be published on several channels. we will produce a case study around the collection, exhibition and responses shortly. 

This video is one of the seven outfits.

Maastricht Exhibition Space - 15th - 17th June 2018

A huge thank you for all the people who made this possible:


Modint (

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The Asimov Institute (


Sound design:

OddOne Audio (

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Peter van de Riet - OddOne (


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Hyper-Real Digital Fashion Experience @ Fashion Clash Festival

On June 15th we will present over a years worth of research and development at Fashion Clash Festival in Maastricht. A collection of seven digital outfits set in derelict Wild West environments surrounded by the remnants of the traditional (old) fashion industry.

Our social media channels have been activated. The concept and content will slowly be revealed up until the festival starts. A few days later we'll be in Paris presenting it at Atelier Néerlandais next to the works of Iris van Herpen and other influential Dutch fashion designers. And finally on the 24th June presenting at We Make The City festival in our home town (digital fashion capital) Amsterdam.


Inspirational Digital Fashion Events

Two weeks ago AMFI hosted an event with ATACAC ( the most progressive fashion brand in regards to digitization that I’m aware of. It was only open for a selected few students and professionals who are involved in digital fashion. Several digital designers from PVH (Owner Tommy Hilfiger, CK etc.) were present together with digital fashion graduates. That day more than 50% of Amsterdam’s digital fashion designers were present in one room. Hearing from the students it’s obvious that they have a real need for working digitally more than before. The educational institutions are not providing enough supply for the demand.

Part of the mission of The Fabricant is to combine talents from fashion and 3D industries. We will begin hosting inspirational evenings and workshops combining people from these industries in the last quarter of this year.


If you are interested in joining this please do get in touch via I will add you on the shortlist.

Amsterdam Digital Fashion Capital!

We declare Amsterdam the capital of Digital Fashion! In 2016 when we first began producing digital fashion animations (ZIL's Grad) AMFI had just produced three very talented digital fashion designers. Their work has become the foundation of the work we have done here at The Fabricant and allowed us to take the path we’re on now.

Two years ago, we talked about the point in time when things start picking up pace for digitization. 2018 has marked the year where we see most initiatives happening from digital fitting services, 3D supermodels, virtual Instagram influencers and several software tools to aid each aspect of the fashion cycle.

We are a group of passionate creators and entrepreneurs looking to contribute to this change. And we want to connect with everyone who feel they are on the same path. Other digital fashion designers, 3D designers/animators with an affinity for fashion and brands/designers from the industry. We are looking to grow further this year and will be on the lookout for anyone with a talent, affinity, passion and vision for the fashion industry.

Today is Friday 23rd of March. As of next month we will start revealing projects, collaborations, new team members and our advisory board who have joined us since the beginning of this year. We’re picking up pace, but are not at full speed yet.

Will AI become creative?

This is a question I see popping in several articles online and it’s a question we deal in our upcoming project ‘Faster Fashion’. Thousands of images from Paris Fashion Week were fed to a neural networks algorithm to provide multiple (pixelated outcomes) ‘predicting’ the next fashion trend. Digital fashion designer @amberjaeslooten used these outcomes as inspiration for her next digital collection.

Past nine months we’ve been experimenting with 3D modeling around these designs and are finally starting production to develop a virtual fashion experience. The deliverables will be ready around end of May ’18. From May onwards we’ll start releasing the results first through social media and fashion conferences. And later releasing an online VR experience of front-row seats of this virtual catwalk experience. Democratizing and making it non-exclusive

 From left to right. 01 - source image, 02 - output, 03 - interpretation. image copyright  @amberjaeslooten

From left to right. 01 - source image, 02 - output, 03 - interpretation. image copyright @amberjaeslooten

SHUDU - Digital Super Model

Three weeks after first discovering Shudu, 'she' has doubled her following on instagram to 70k. After being featured on Highsnobsociety people in my surroundings (not in fashion) are also talking about her as a phenomenon. Digitisation of fashion is in full-throttle towards an unknown, but very certain future. The space is remains undefined allowing for initiatives like The Fabricant to define the future aspects of what this holds.

I believe there will be many more of such initiatives popping up left and right this year. This year we saw Prada hiring @lilmiquela as their social media GIF influencer, Balenciaga showcasing their 3D printed collection and Gucci using 3D printed heads of their models as attributes. As for Shudu, she might just be the highlight of the next years fashion week.


Shudu -

Lilmiquela -

Gucci -

Balenciaga -

The Fabricant - Launch 2018


After almost two years of development and projects we launch our first website with all our work from the previous years. This endeavour grew organically from pure desire to create work in the space between fashion and animation. Combining designers from both fashion and animation industries we look forward to working with established brands and designers to bring their creations alive on a digital realm.

Having already experienced and seen all the things that the transition of the film industry created from analog to digital allows us to imagine and develop the digital future of the fashion industry. 

Fashion Meets Visual Effects

A fashion designer collaborating with the biggest visual effects company in the world? Canadian designer Steven Tai collaborated with ILMxLAB to produce an immersive fashion experience at London Fashion Week. Industrial Light and Magic aka ILM is best known for delivering the best visual effects in movies since the first Star Wars trilogy. Now with their LAB division they're apparently trying to break out of cinematic experiences to other fields. Previously we've seen Star Wars hologram experiences and now they're taking a crack at fashion. On Fashion Innovation Agency website there's a full article on the project itself.

This was announced a few months back. I was excited to see what the hype was all about. The experience was a combination of live-motion capture that was projected on a large format display behind the models. The screen combined virtual characters together with real models. Yet, the event stays exclusive to the audience that was present on the day itself. There is an opportunity there to make it accessible to the masses through the digital aspect.

This is something we are looking to tackle by creating a virtual fashion experience together with Amber Jae Slooten. The page is still locked but here you can see a few images that hint at what we're producing - FASTER FASHION